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Purchasing Saxon Math Textbooks

Purchasing Used

You can search for used textbooks online by putting the ISBN or words from the textbook title in a search engine. You may find this to be somewhat time-consuming and frustrating. Results will vary depending on the time of year. Pay attention to the price---some online auction sites and used book sellers sell the used textbooks for more than you can buy them new! It is often hard to find used, complete matching sets of all the books needed. If you purchase them separately, be sure they form a matching set. Check the ISBNs against those shown when you click the appropriate link in the table on the Home page.

Purchasing New

There are numerous vendors. Use your favorite home school supplies catalog, or plug the ISBN of interest into an Internet search engine and shop online. The complete set of ISBNs you will need when using the Checker is shown together with pictures of the book covers when you click the appropriate link in the table on the Home page.


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