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Saxon Math 87: Second Edition

You have chosen the Dr. Aardsma's Saxon Math 87: Second Edition Checker. This Checker is designed to be used with the following set of three books [NOTE: The educator must equip himself/herself with these books separately; they are not included with the Checker]:

1. Student Textbook

Saxon Math 87: Second Edition
Student Textbook

The Student Textbook is divided into 120 lessons, all of which are included in the Checker. The textbook also contains 12 investigations, supplemental practice problems for remediation, an illustrated glossary, and a comprehensive index.

2. Homeschool Packet

Saxon Math 87: Second Edition
Homeschool Packet

The Homeschool Packet contains answers to all textbook and test questions as well as step-by-step solutions for the tests. You will need the Home School Packet when using the checker (for example, for assigning partial points on test questions).

3. Test Forms

Saxon Math 87: Second Edition
Test Forms

The Tests Forms booklet provides all the worksheets and tests needed by one student to complete the program. There are 24 tests, all included in the Checker. There are a large number of Facts Practice worksheets. We recommend use of Dr. Aardsma's Math Drill (see link in navigation bar at left) in place of these worksheets. The booklet also contains recording forms for students to show their work and for parents to track student progress.


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